The ESA disability benefit cut

Yesterday the Commons voted to reduce the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for disabled people. This is a group of the most vulnerable in society, of whom 38% cannot afford to heat their home on the current payments they receive. This bill will make their lives worse.

The Government claim that the reduction in payments will incentivise disabled people to find work. However, many charities claim that this bill, which applies to new claimants, will push disabled people further into poverty. One survey of 500 people in the group effected by this bill, found that under the current payments 28% were unable to afford to eat and 38% could not afford to heat their home. This is a group of people who can not afford to have more money taken from them.

This bill was twice voted down in the House of Lords but the Government pushed it through using ‘financial privilege’ meaning the Lords could not intervene.

I must also point out that MPs were recently in receipt of a 1% pay rise, pushing their pay up to £74,962 per year or £1,441 a week.

Taking money away from some of the most vulnerable in society is wrong. The Government must rethink its actions.

If you also disagree with the cuts you can sign a petition opposing them here.



3 thoughts on “The ESA disability benefit cut

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, we have the Australian Government take similar actions across all of our welfare recipients. And yet big business pays minimal tax, how is that fair?
    While we all know their are people who choose welfare as a lifestyle choice (well, definitely in Australia) this is small number of those compared to those who need/use it to get back on their feet.
    I think it boils down to being the easier target.


  2. My OH is disabled and has claimed PIP and ESA for 3 years. 2 weeks before Christmas he received a letter saying he is no longer entitled to PIP and wouldn’t receive his next payment (which was due 2 days later). We have 4 children, my OH is in a wheelchair, he has dilated cardio myopathy, Laing distal myopathy, deafness in 1 ear, depression and PTSD. He was a serving member of the British armed forces and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and only left the army due to having a heart attack. He worked for as long as he could after leaving.
    We are now struggling to pay our bills and after trying for a reconsideration on the decision having to now go to tribunal court (although we have been told there’s a 75% chance we will lose).
    He would love to work but no one wants to employ the man in the wheelchair who can’t promise you he will be at work everyday because he doesn’t know when a bad day will come and how long it will last.

    We have both signed the petition and really hope that if the country gets behind this we can fight the government.

    Fingers crossed.

    Renee 💞

    (Thank you for your support)


    1. I’m so sorry you have been put in this situation. To be honest I am speechless. Please thank your OH for his service. I hope you get everything you need, he deserves it.

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